Difficult Conversations About Beauty

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The good, the bad, and the ugly. Be prepared to have some DIFFICULT CONVERSATIONS ABOUT BEAUTY.

By delving deep into what beauty really looks like, Anita East will leave no stone unturned. Best-selling author of Beautiful Unique Faces and a sought-after speaker, Anita has performed over 20,000 non-surgical cosmetic medicine treatments in her busy clinic. In bite-sized episodes, Anita will explore what's currently making the most 'beauty' noise. She'll take your questions about beauty, and if she doesn't know the answers, she'll enlist the help of other professionals.
Every month Anita will have some Difficult Conversations About Beauty with exciting guests. Then in the next episode, she will dissect the juiciest parts from the guest episodes to help her listeners learn even more. All episodes will be equal parts revealing and comforting.
Anita aims to rip apart society's expectations of perfection and share her proven formula for becoming happier and more beautiful in your own skin.

Inclusivity - Finding Everyone’s Unique Beauty

Sadly, Angie’s experience with cosmetic treatments is a common one. In our chat, Angie revealed her experience from being overtreated to a 12-month period of painfully dissolving the treatment.

Angie Kent Speaks Out AND All I Can Do Is Apologise

In this powerful episode, our guest Angie Kent shares her personal experience with receiving treatment when she was vulnerable and struggling with her health both mentally and physically.

Listening to your Gut: Making a Plan to Reduce Stress and Eat Healthier

Reducing processed food intake and minimising stress in our lives.

Finding Fun. Creating Magic With Anita East

This week, Anita reflects on her last episode with Dr Ryan Shannan.

Dr Ryan Shannan, The Manse Clinic

Join our host Anita East and her special guest Dr Ryan Shannan.

Integrative Health CoachDan Carter

On the podcast our host Anita East is joined by integrative health coach, Dan Carter.

Dr Giulia D'Anna

Join us on the podcast this week as our host Anita East delves into dentistry and cosmetic procedures with special guest Dr Giulia D’Anna.

James Vivian

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with James Vivian, the founder of the multi-award-winning skin clinic, 'James Vivian' in Melbourne.

Agnes Dube

Agnes Dube, a Registered Cosmetic Nurse, recently celebrated the first anniversary of her very own clinic Zebra Aesthetics, in Maryborough, Queensland, Australia

Dean Kilby

I thoroughly enjoyed the second part of my interview with life and behaviour philosopher, science guru extraordinaire, and all-round awesome dude, Dean Kilby.

Dean Kilby

Feeling Lost in a World of Endless Health Advice? Here's What You Need to Know.

Toni Pikoos

Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) is a health condition where a person obsesses over one or more perceived flaws in their appearance.

Grazina Fechner

I asked the behaviour and communication specialist, Grazina Fechner this exact question, and you won't believe the simple hacks she shared with me.

Bronwyn Granata

With an 18-year background in aesthetic medicine spanning the globe, Bron has worked in management within pharma companies.

Anjanette Fennell

Emotional Freedom Technique is the idea of stimulating the body’s acupressure meridian points by simply tapping your fingers on different parts of your body.

Kathryn Lister

Kathryn knows what it's like to go from feeling obsessed with slim thighs and smooth skin to being happy to lift stuff without her body breaking.

Brooke Anderson

I met 37-year-old Brooke as a school mum a few years ago, and we quickly became firm friends. In fact, she is one of my favourites.

Georgia Newell

Georgia is my 19-year-old niece and one of the faces of our skincare range for teens - BU Unique Teen.

Anita East

Now in continuation of my first episode which was Don't Believe The Hype, I'm doing a reading from my book, Beautiful Unique Faces.

Anita East

The recent expose on ABC's four corners episode called; Cosmetic Cowboys uncovered allegations of troubling practices across a Dr's multiple day hospital settings.