Beautiful Unique Faces - 2nd Edition

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you always felt magnificent, no matter the noise around you?

What is it that makes you feel, and look, your best…what you see in the mirror or what social media tells you to see?

Find out how to feel beautiful inside and out with Anita East: award-winning author and modern beauty expert who has consulted thousands of women who often have no idea what really makes them uniquely beautiful.

We live in a world where beautiful social influencers, street corner cosmetic clinics, and celebrity-endorsed skincare companies scream for our attention.

We’re regularly seduced into believing that beauty is something you buy. It’s easy to pick out faults in your face and fall for quick fixes, selecting features like smoothie ingredients. But the outcome is rarely gratifying. We risk overwhelming our own unique beauty and coming out the other side unfulfilled and less attractive. Take clever and witty twenty-nine-year-old, Nessie, who’s addicted to cosmetic surgery and injectables. Constantly searching for perfection, her phone contains hundreds of photos of social media influencers.
Or take sixty-nine-year-old Dianne who’s down about a lot of things, primarily, her appearance. Feeling unattractive and irrelevant, she doesn’t yet recognise that how she feels about herself impacts relationships with family and friends.
Forty-five-year-old Sandy seems to have it all, until she falls apart the same day she wins her dream job. In the mirror, all Sandy sees is an exhausted old woman. In perimenopause, she feels little control over her moods, figure, and her face.

Let Anita walk you through the jungle of social expectations of beauty, help you uncover your own natural beauty and learn what, if anything, you want to do to enhance it.