FAQs about Medispa

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Your initial appointment will be unlike any you have ever experienced before. Anita will identify your Unique Facial Feature, which more than likely, will shock you. She will then discuss the aspects of your face that are detracting from your Unique Facial Feature, hence making you less beautiful than you could be. Together, with Anita you will discuss the delicate treatment balancing act, by addressing any parts of your face that are pulling focus from your Unique Facial Feature. We will take before-treatment photos for you and our records only. To ensure you can provide informed consent, we will extensively discuss information regarding each treatment as well as the option of having no treatment.

Anti-Wrinkle injections do not take very long to perform. Ice or numbing cream are sufficient for assisting to numb the area. Dermal Filler products contain inbuilt numbing agent, and we can administer a dental block if preferred.

If you have only had Anti-Wrinkle injections, the results will become noticeable between 4 days and 2 weeks. For Dermal Fillers, the results are immediate but will settle down (to how it will remain) 2 – 8 weeks after your treatment.

Side effects vary between treatments. However, immediately after the treatment has been performed (given that you may feel a little numb if you had Dermal Filler), it is normal to feel more swollen than you actually are. However, some swelling, bruising and redness is normal and will settle down within 24-72 hours. More concerning side effects or adverse events will be covered at length during the initial consultation along with information about what to do if you experience any.

Treatments last between 3-4 months and depending on the treatment you have had, Dermal Fillers last between 6-18months.Anti-Wrinkle

So that we can assess your treatment, we will rebook you for 2 weeks after your treatment for a review. For Anti-Wrinkle injections, you will be rebooked for your next treatment in 3 month’s time. For Dermal Fillers, dependent on the treatment you have had, you will return for treatment between 3-18 months. For both Anti-Wrinkle and Dermal Filler treatments, it is best to have the repeat treatments before the initial treatment has fully worn off.

Anita East MediSpa accepts both Zippay in clinic and AfterPay via our online shop gift card. You can register for AfterPay and Zippay on their websites. We also accept all major credit cards aside from AMEX. Please note that all accounts must be settled prior to leaving the clinic. Do not hesitate to contact our friendly staff to discuss payment plans further.

We have a large number of patients on the waiting list wanting your appointment. If you can no longer keep your appointment, we need a minimum of 2 days notice so we can treat one of our other patients in your place. We can then reschedule you in for a time that suits you! We take a $50 booking fee that is redeemable against your treatment or carried through to your next appointment. If you cancel your appointment within 24 hrs or are a ‘no show’ you will forgo your $50 booking fee. As at writing this, we have never had to do this

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